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Nothing has made more sense!

Overview is an online repository for recording commandline gems, that you return to again and again.

'fu' is a commandline interface that allows you to harvest the power of internets commandline wisdom.

Now you can search this trove of online treasures from the comfort of your commandline . For example ...

Querying Wikipedia

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What can you do with fu?

So you searched for for "query wikipedia" above.
Now lets say we want try out that first command

Copying a Query

And with a little ⌘-V (Mac) or Ctrl-V or Shift-Insert, you can paste your query into the terminal, and voilà!

Pasting a Query

And if you are curious about others think about that command you can learn more by reading the associated comments in a browser...

Opening a Query

For more information check out the wiki!

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